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Learn the truth about religion and what God is really teaching us in the Bible, why God only answers to the name of Jesus Christ and why Christianity is THE only way to know God instead of Islam, Baha'i Faith, Buddhism, Confucianism, Hinduism, Jainism, Shinto, Sikhism, Taoism, Vodun (Voodoo), and other religions
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The Blood Covenant
Sowing and Reaping
Walking in the Spirit
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The Blood Covenant  -  The New Testament is a legal binding agreement
The Believer's Authority
God has restored the authority Adam gave away in the Garden of Eden
Divine Health
Jesus took sickness and disease on His body so we could live healthy lives
Financial Blessing
God owns ALL the wealth in this world, and He wants to share it with His people
Sowing and Reaping  -  God has setup Seed Time and Harvest for our benefit
The Kingdom Works this Way
Jesus said the entire Kingdom of God works according to Seed time and Harvest
Prosperity in Life
Its God's will for us to Prosper in every area of life, now.  In this life
Why Some Christians Die Early
God has provided a way for His people to live long lives with satisfaction
Walking in the Spirit  -  An essential part of living the victorious Christian lifestyle
Living in the Super Vision of Jesus Christ
Jesus desires for His Body to live by the vision and understanding that He lives by.
Afterall, He is the Head and we're the Body so we should be in agreement with Him
Understanding the Word of Faith
Find out the truth about the Word of Faith, and why you should be interested
Living by Faith
God expects the Just to live by faith, not by Sight
Hope and Imagination
The key element in understanding how to look at things from God's point of view
Religious Traditions  -  (the Sacred Cows of Religion!)
The Da Vinci Code Movie is just Harmless Fun, right?
The truth about the Da Vinci Code book from a Christian Perspective and see how this deception is portrayed as truth, and is ultimately authored by the spirit of anti-Christ!

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Daily Prayer Scriptures
Scripture outline of verses that should be prayed (spoken) often, representing essential Bible truths for the victorious lifestyle Believers have inherited from God.
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 Why is the King James version of the Bible still the Best?
and...the most accurate.  Find out more about the 1611 King James Bible controversy, and how the Authorized King James version compares to newer versions changed to gain copyrights and published by large corporations for profit, not accuracy!
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